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The Pulsar-class was a Federation ship class, in both Starfleet and civilian use in the 23rd century.

History and specifications[]

The Pulsar-class was a Class II warpshuttle, constructed at facilities at Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Alpha Centauri, and Morena, and were both used by Starfleet, and sold to private ventures, including the Galactic Trailways Corporation.

The Pulsar Mk I first went into service on reference stardate 2/1608. At least 1530 of this design were constructed. This ship was operated by two crewmen, and could carry 16 passengers and 650 tons of cargo across 15 SCU. The Mk I variant was unarmed.

The Pulsar Mk II first went into service on reference stardate 2/1702. At least 159 of this design were constructed. This variant required three crewmen to operate, and could only carry 10 passengers. However, its cargo capacity was expanded to 1000 tons across 20 SCU. The Mk II also introduced weapons to the class, gaining two FH-1 phaser emitters.

Both variants of the Pulsar were equipped with a standard 6-person transporter, an L-14 computer, and an FWA-1 warp drive capable of speeds up to warp 9.

By the later 23rd century, the production of both variants of the class was ongoing, with total construction of 185 Mk I and 22 Mk II vessels built per year. (FASA RPG module: Federation Ship Recognition Manual)