Pursuit 1 was a space bug, an auxiliary vehicle specifically customized for high speeds during combat operations in the 23rd century. In the year 2266, Pursuit 1 was assigned to the Federation starship USS Enterprise.

History and specifics[edit | edit source]

When an overwhelming force of Agonite space eagles confronted the Enterprise, Kirk called for a parley. Hurst piloted James T. Kirk aboard Pursuit 1, landing in the hangar deck of the Agonite's lead ship, where it was secured by two magnetic grapplers. The Agonites explained that Kirk had inadvertently freed dozens of convicted criminals. Hurst then landed Pursuit 1 on the planet where the criminals had been left, to help round them up. Kirk tricked the criminals into disarming, then Hurst collected their rifles and stacked them aboard the space bug. (TOS comic: "The Eagles Have Landed")

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