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Redeemer vessels

A pyramid is a three-dimensional geometric shape composed of four triangles connected by one point at the top and with a square for the base. The word describes not only the shape, but also the beings, buildings, objects and starships that have this shape, such as the Great Pyramid in Egypt on Earth and a Redeemer starship.

When Odo was learning how to shapeshift, one shape he took was that of a pyramid. (DS9 - Rebels novel: The Conquered)


Captain Kadan of Phaeton

The non-corporeal Phaetonian crew of the USS Icarus were contained in 18-inch-tall glass pyramids, which were connected to voders and an antigravity propulsion system. Wires from the pyramids connected the crew to the control consoles of the starship. (TOS comic: "Eclipse of Reason")

Ambassador Hotep of Djoser looked like a gray sculpture of a pyramid, but could manifest a mouth, ears, eyes, nose and arms when desired. (TOS novel: Death's Angel)

One Isis-entity manifestation was that of an eye within a pyramid. (TOS comic: "Death of a Star")


In 7700 B.C. on Heitius VII, the remaining stronghold city on the planet had three pyramids along with a host of other structures, and was covered by a protective dome. (TOS comic: "The Mummies of Heitius VII")

The Mayan Chichén Itzá pyramid on Earth was holographically recreated by Kukulkan in 2269 as a puzzle to solve for a landing party from the USS Enterprise. (TAS episode: "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth") The actual pyramid was visited by Sean Hawk in 2372 before reporting to his new post aboard the USS Enterprise-E. (TNG short story: "Seeing Forever")

The third-largest building on the Sarkassian outpost on planetoid Eris Alpha IIIa was a pyramid 1/4 mile long on each side. (ENT novel: What Price Honor?)

A 5,000-year-old pyramid on Abaris was discovered in 2270 by archeologists Elsa Hoff and Paul Hoff. It was buried, with only the top three meters exposed to the surface. By 2273 they had completely explored it and immersed themselves in the culture of the Abaris natives. (TOS comic: "Aberration on Abaris")

In the year 2274, two pyramids were found on the surface of Zeta Reticuli II. One contained the firing mechanism for a beam capable of condensing inorganic matter. It was fired at the USS Enterprise, causing the ship to shrink, but not the crew within. (TOS comic: "We Are Dying, Egypt, Dying!")

The control tower of the Cardassian Heavenward Prayer Spaceport on Bajor was a 20-story-tall pyramid. (DS9 - Rebels novel: The Liberated)

A pyramid taller than the USS Enterprise was found on Alnath II. It was more than three million years old and used as recently as 50,000 years ago. It was the only structure left on the planet. (TOS novel: The Klingon Gambit)


Gary Seven had a small green, pyramid paperweight on his desk, a remote interface for his Beta 6 computer. (ST - The Eugenics Wars novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2)

A modified Federation I-12 micro-sensor was a palm-sized translucent pyramid that could receive and transmit sounds up to 30,000 kilometers away, and could pick up strong mental images. It was turned on and off by waving a hand over the tip. (TOS novel: Web of the Romulans)

Annorax kept a lock of his wife’s hair in a clear pyramid-shaped container aboard his Krenim temporal weapon ship. (VOY episode: "Year of Hell")

A three-story shrine in the Ajorra Caves in Maharashtra was made in the shape of a pyramid to honor Mount Meru in the Himalayas. (ST - The Eugenics Wars novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2)

Project Parity, the Thalaron radiation bomb which destroyed Romulus in the Mirror Universe in 2373, was contained in a clear pyramid with a C-170 core. (NF - Mirror Universe short story: "Homecoming")


Koa, encased in a pyramid-shaped energy field

Using ancient technology, the entire planet Koa was condensed and stored in a pyramid-shaped box, then enlarged in the Mu Arae system. (SCE eBook: Small World)

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