Pyrotechnic is a term to describe an individual with the ability to telekinetically create fire. Members of the Lirin race are pyrotechnics. Nano of the USS Enterprise was a grade two pyrotechnic. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

During in his time on the Enterprise Nano used his pyrotechnic ability several times to aid his crewmates; In 2254 he rescued Number One from a tentacle inside a Ngultor ship, which had attacked her when the landing party was making its escape after rescuing Captain Pike, who the Ngultor had abducted. Later that year he defended Spock from a Kaylar attack in the coup on Rigel VII. And later again he used the ability to fend of Vulcan boarding parties from the hijacked USS Cortez. (EV comics: "Flesh of My Flesh", "Our Dearest Blood", "Cloak and Dagger")

As Nano was the only Lirin in Starfleet and both Captain Pike and Dermot Cusack were seemingly familiar with the standard pyrotechnic grading system it might seem to imply that the pyrotechnic ability is not exclusive to the Lirin.
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