The Q were a race of beings with god-like abilities; they could make anything they want appear just by snapping their fingers. They generally were humanoid, and took on the appearance of a Human. Their government is known as the Q Continuum. For the Q, life has become stagnant and boring for most. They have literally seen and experienced everything. Others of the Q, such as Q, who appears frequently throughout the Star Trek TV Shows Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: The Next Generation, appear to have fun with anything that they deem interesting. One example of this is that in one episode of the Next Generation, when Q was punished and made into a human for causing trouble, an alien known as a Calamarain came to kill him, due to the fact he tormented their race (TNG: "Deja Q"). Another Q who had fun with everything was an unnamed female Q who Q had broken up with before. She had the same routine as her husband; the sarcastic remarks and "superiority complex". All Q were immortal. However, the Q were capable of killing each other, using weapons resembling American Civil War muskets, flintlocks, and cannons. (VOY: "The Q and the Grey") The Q were also capable of affecting the situation beings are put in. Q once blinked Picard back and forth through time, so he could prevent the destruction of humanity by his own hands. (TNG Novel and Episode: "All Good Things...") From what we have seen of the Q, their arrogance carries up into their "middle ages" (By human years). Elderly Q have been seen as more docile. One example is the Colonel Q seen in the Civil War state Continuum, who, instead of snapping at Kathryn Janeway, asked for her purpose at the Q pro-tradition camp, in a wise, kind sort of voice, even though Captain Janeway was for the separatist Q. The arrogance half was seen in Q's son as well as himself. (VOY: "Q2")

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