Captain's log, stardate 41753.3 
On a fairly routine mission to document the questioned existence of the legendary planet Faltos in Sector 902, the Enterprise and her crew encountered a renegade starship and the omnipotent entity Q. As a safety precaution, the saucer section of our ship -- along with non-commissioned civilian passengers -- was jetisoned. Subsequently, the saucer was lost in space for several hours and has since -- inexplicably -- returned and joined the stardrive section of the Enterprise. Simultaneously -- and perhaps as a direct corollary to the saucer's return -- Q has discovered himself stripped of any and all powers he once might have posessed. Distraught, Q attempted suicide. But, in a struggle to prevent such an action, Lieutenant j.g. Geordi La Forge has been struck down by phaser fire meant to destroy Q...



Beverly CrusherWesley CrusherReglech D'PruDataDronoFalboGeordi La ForgeJean-Luc PicardPindarQWilliam T. RikerRiveraThorslandDeanna TroiWorf, son of MoghTasha Yar

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USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class)


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StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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androidaquariumbattle bridgedetention deckbridgefishforce fieldphaserready roomsickbay



  • "Q Effects!" is given as the title on the cover, yet the actual title of the story given inside is "Q Affects!".
  • Stardates 41753.3 through 41753.9 are given in the story, but the DC Comics TNG Timeline adjusts the stardate to 41198.7.


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