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The Quapep module was a large, floating artificial habitat, one of hundreds of biomes making up the Web of Worlds in the First Federation. It was located within the atmosphere of the class J gas giant Cherela.


The domed habitat was approximately 1,000 kilometers wide. It was fashioned as a savanna nature preserve, though it also featured an underground warren for Linnik.

An above-ground control center managed the artificial gravity system which kept the module afloat, powered by the planet's massive electromagnetic field.


In 2269, as attempts were made to stabilize failing antigravity systems in all of the biomes in the Web of Worlds, Koust, Targus and Leonard McCoy assisted a team in the Quapep module to install a remote control device. They arrived during a thunderstorm, and struggling systems left the module feeling like it was tilted, making walking difficult. Targus' head was struck by a boulder, and as McCoy hurriedly worked to to save his life, Koust realized that it was possible to be a warrior to save lives. Koust took the transmitter from McCoy and completed their assignment. (TOS novel: The Face of the Unknown)