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Quindar (Alpha Centauri B, or Alpha-2 Centauri) is a star, located about four light-years away from Earth and the Sol system, near the border of the Beta Quadrant. Quindar, along with primary star Rigil and companion star Proxima, is part of the Alpha Centauri trinary system, visible from Earth in the constellation of Centaurus.

History and specifics[]

Quindar was a K class orange star that was part of territory claimed by Earth in the 21st century, and was then located in Federation space when Earth became a founding member of that government.

The Federation starship USS Quindar was named for this location. (TOS references: Star Fleet Technical Manual, Spaceflight Chronology, Star Charts)

Quindar had a number of planets, of which four—Olson, Perry, Lang and Kent—were all destroyed when it expanded into a red giant due to premature aging caused by a time distortion. (TOS - The Yesterday Saga novel: Time for Yesterday)



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  • According to "real" astronomy, the second component of Alpha Centauri is a class K1V orange star.
  • The four known planets of Alpha Centauri B were all named after characters from Superman: Jimmy Olsen (Olson), Perry White, Lana Lang, and Clark Kent