Federation Diplomatic officer R. J. Blaise in 2287.

R.J. Blaise was a Federation Diplomatic officer assigned to the Enterprise-A in 2287.

After Captain James T. Kirk used extremely unorthodox measures to solve to a diplomatic situation on Chronian III, Starfleet felt compelled to reign Kirk in a bit by assigning Blaise to the Enterprise as ship's protocol officer (and, unofficially, Kirk's "watchdog").

Kirk's maverick style and Blaise's by-the-book mentality put the two of them at odds at several occasions. The situation was made worse for the both of them by their obvious attraction to the other. Blaise stayed with Kirk and the Enterprise for only a few weeks, as she believed that her feelings for Kirk were detrimental to her career. (DC Comics second series 1-15; Death Before Dishonor; The Trial of James T. Kirk (collection))

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