The unfortunately named Raspberry Jam Blaise (named by her father over her mother's objections), or R.J., was a Federation Diplomatic officer during the late 23rd century.


In 2287, after Captain James T. Kirk used extremely unorthodox measures to resolve a diplomatic situation on Chronian III, Starfleet decided Kirk needed to be reigned in a bit, and assigned Blaise to the Enterprise-A as ship's protocol officer (and, unofficially, Kirk's "watchdog").

Kirk's maverick style and Blaise's by-the-book mentality put the two of them at odds at several occasions. The situation was made worse for the both of them by their obvious attraction to the other. Blaise left the Enterprise after only a few weeks, as she believed that her feelings for Kirk would become detrimental to her career. (TOS comics: "Repercussions", "Fast Friends", "Cure All", "Not... Sweeney!", "Going, Going...", "... Gone!", "The First Thing We Do...", "... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!")

Blaise and Kirk were reunited in 2290 after Blaise unsuccessfully "negotiated" (at gunpoint) a treaty between the Landorians and the Ramazians, which resulted in a death sentence against Blaise. Kirk's efforts to rescue Blaise, and the pair's subsequent bickering, convinced the Landorian warlord Darrich that the two deserved each other and a greater punishment was to let the two have each other.

Soon after, Blaise and Kirk admitted their feelings for each other and consumated their relationship. However, as Blaise departed the Enterprise, Kirk revealed her mysterious first name to the rest of the Enterprise crew, despite his promise not to. It is unknown whether or not the two ever met again, but given Kirk's continued survival, it is unlikely. (TOS comic: "Blaise of Glory")

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