The RFV Zdenia was a Reman Valdore-class escort starship, which served as the flagship for the Reman Resistance in the 2400s decade. The ship belonged to Obisek, the leader of the resistance. (STO video game: Star Trek Online)


In the year 2409, Obisek took the Zdenia into the Brea system to engage Tal Shiar vessels under Hakeev and Empress Sela alongside a ship from either Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, or the Romulan Republic. After gaining space superiority over Brea III the Zdenia and her companion remained in orbit while multiple away teams from both vessels beamed down to battle Hakeev's forces on the surface. After Hakeev was killed, Tal Shiar and Reman reinforcements warped in, and Obisek and the allied forces returned to their respective ships to defeat the Romulan vessels. (STO mission: "Cutting the Cord")

Later that year the Romulan Star Empire captured the Vault from the Resistance. The Zdenia was sent to protect displaced civilians while Obisek and a force of several allied shuttlecraft infiltrated the Vault to recapture it. Obisek transferred his flag to the T'varo-class warbird Rerik for the duration of the operation. (STO mission: "Vault Shuttle Event")



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The Zdenia originally used the ordinary Reman Mogai-class model, but she was changed to the Valdore-class variant (pictured above) with the release of the Legacy of Romulus expansion pack in 2013.

The Zdenia is named for Obisek's friend Zden, the former leader of the Reman Crateris colony, who was captured and killed by the Elachi.


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