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The RRV Queen Mary was a Rigellian Registry Vessel owned by the Orion pirate Krulmadden. While many species have adopted the human practice of naming ships, not all fully grasp the reasoning behind the tradition. As such, it is not uncommon to find a Rigellian vessel that bears the name of a historical Human monarch.

The Queen Mary was built from parts of different vessels: its main hull was a saucer built on Mars, its warp drive section was of Rigellian design, and its impulse engines were Andorian military surplus. While its impulse drive was powered by an artificial singularity, its warp drive was powered by nuclear fission, with the fissionable material held in hidden holds along the outer hull. It lacked turbolifts and a sickbay, and instead utilized a medic booth.

Among the crew, in addition to Krulmadden, included his cousins Lasslanlin, who served as helmsman, and Artinton, a shuttle pilot.

In 2269, following the Talin IV disaster, Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov joined the crew of the Queen Mary at Rigel VIII, with the intention of returning to Talin IV. They convinced Krulmadden that there was salvageable fissionable material on the planet, and that they could help him circumvent the blockade set up by Starfleet. They were then able to take control of the ship by manipulating the artificial gravity generator on the bridge, incapacitating Krulmadden and his crew. Also aboard were twenty-six Orion slaves, who were liberated by the former Starfleet officers. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

The specifics of the Queen Mary's engine power sources is inconsistent with warp science as established in subsequent canon.
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