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The RRW Deihu was a Romulan starship, the Deihu-class science science command warbird warbird, or command battlecruiser, prototype in Romulan Republic service in the early 25th century. (STO - From the Ashes mission: "Explore the Flotilla")

History[edit | edit source]

The RRW Deihu shared its name with the Ha'apax-class warbird RRW Deihu, the first flagship of the Romulan Republic, and heart of the Romulan Flotilla since 2409. (STO - From the Ashes missions: "Flight from Virinat", "Explore the Flotilla")

The RRW Deihu was constructed at, and launched from, the New Romulus Shipyards during the Alpha Quadrant Alliance expansion into the Delta Quadrant. It was one of three prototypes for new tier 6 command battlecruiser warbird classes, alongside the Baratan-class RRW Baratan and the Vastam-class RRW Vastam. All three were part of the Allied series of command battlecruiser classes, for a total of nine new Allied ship classes. (STO website: Tier 6 Command Ships - Romulan)

The Deihu could be deployed on assignments by RRF admiralty personnel. (STO - From the Ashes mission: "Explore the Flotilla", admiralty system)

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