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The various forms of sentient lifeforms in the universe exist in (and evolve from) various civilizations, species, races and cultures.

Lists of races and cultures[]

By location[]

By form[]

  • humanoid races and cultures
  • non-humanoid races and cultures


The exact number of races and cultures in the Milky Way Galaxy or even the Alpha and Beta Quadrant was not known.In 2155 Jonathan Archer estimated that :"At warp 2, only a handful of inhabited planets were within a year's travel from Earth. But at warp 5, that number increases to ten thousand planets" and in 2257 Mister Saru stated that the Universal translator was able to translate over a thousand languages and estimated there were Hundreds of thousands of life-forms "out there". By 2368 Mister Data stated he had studied four thousand different religious and philosophical systems and had met 1,754 non-Human races.