Rachel McCullers was a female Human who worked as a journalist for the Federation News Service in the 22nd century.


In 2186, McCullers decided, with it being the twenty-fifth year since the founding of the Federation, to track down and interview all the surviving senior officers of the Enterprise NX-01, Earth Starfleet’s first warp-five-capable starship. To see how the past quarter century has affected them and what they expect the next twenty-five Federation Standard Years to bring. As of August 11, the day before Federation Day, she had already conducted interviews for the event with Doctor Hoshi Sato at her home on Tarsus IV, and even landed a face-to-face interview with President Jonathan Archer in the Nathan Samuels Room of the Palais de la Concorde, with Ambassador T'Pol remaining the last on her list.

Upon her arrival at T'Pol's home, she met T'Pol's daughter T'Mir, who McCullers chalked up to a snotty teenager. She had also noticed that T'Mir and her brother Lorian, aside from the ears, looked almost nothing alike. T'Mir then conveyed to McCullers her mother's wish to not be disturbed.

She also met Michael Kenmore while at the residence who was tending to the roof and discussed the so-called conspiracy theories surrounding Commander Charles Tucker III. To which McCullers had made a second career out of such speculation, often debunking the tale in which Charles Tucker not only survived his fatal encounter with the pirates, gone underground to work for a clandestine spy bureau that nobody can find any trace of, won the Earth-Romulan War single-handedly while operating behind enemy lines, and also secretly moved to Vulcan afterward to marry T’Pol. It was only that particular conspiracy’s few surviving true believers who remained convinced that both of T’Pol’s children were the hybrid products of this apocryphal union. It wasn't until while standing at the entrance of the residence and seeing Kenmore seated at the dining table with T'Pol and their son Lorian that McCullers realized Kenmore is Charles Tucker. Upon that insight she decided not to conduct the interview, and quietly bid them farewell and a Happy Federation Day. (ENT novel: To Brave the Storm)

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