Racher was the name used by a male Human terrorist in the 21st century. The name Racher was German for "Venger". A survivalist based in Africa, Racher was rumored to have had more bionic replacement parts than original ones, including metallic eyes and voice box.

Though normally in opposition to rival terror group Easter Rebellion, the two teamed up on a mission in 2045 to capture a pair of extraterrestrials who had been stranded on Earth. However, the two groups were separated when Easter's snowmobile broke down in an Antarctic blizzard, and Racher's group found themselves overpowered by the crew of the CSS Delphinus. Racher himself was killed when the feed line of the flame-thrower he was using froze and started leaking napalm, leading to his own immolation. When his corpse was discovered afterward, it was suggested that he was the subject of experimentation with android technology. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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