Racht is a Klingon dish involving live worms. Gagh is the more well known dish of the two possibly a larger version of or a larger relative of gagh. (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)

Kaga served racht in his restaurant on Deep Space 9. In 2370, Melora Pazlar complained that the racht served to her was half dead. (DS9 episode: "Melora")

Later in 2370, Jadzia Dax and Arjin were served racht at the restaurant, although Arjin was not overly thrilled with it. (DS9 episode: "Playing God")

Kang once lamented that in the 2370s, Klingon warriors were opening restaurants to serve racht to the grandchildren of men he slaughtered in battle. (DS9 episode: "Blood Oath")

Toq enjoyed racht with Grapok sauce. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

While racht is most often served live it can also be candied. (KE novel: A Burning House)

According to Ferengi diners, racht tasted just like Tube grubs.(DS9 eBook: Rules of Accusation)

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