Radiation (or particle radiation) is present in various amounts throughout the known universe, originating as the emission of energy in the form of subatomic particles. Different types of materials and substances that naturally process or emit radiation are referred to as radioactive. Many lifeforms have evolved to absorb specific radiations in their environment to facilitate their survival, although changes in that balance could have negative effects, such as radiation poisoning occurring in environments where too much (or the wrong kinds of) radiation is present.

Many humanoid life forms have evolved dependency on the various types of heat radiation present on their homeworlds and nearby planets in the star system around their native star, however, without shielding, would be killed by different levels of radiation in nearby space.

In 2369 the water supply of the Dracon monastery on the planet Riat was infected by an algae which had been irradiated by solar flare activity. When the monks at the monastery consumed the water they underwent a mutation which made them violent and cannibalistic. Doctor Beverly Crusher of the USS Enterprise-D was able to cure the monks of the infection. (TNG comic: "Light of the Day")

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