Raheem was a male Human in the 23rd century of the Kelvin timeline, and was the uncle of Nyota Uhura. When she was a child, Nyota and her parents visited her uncle Raheem off-planet

As the four of them orbit a ringed planet in a shuttle, a malfunction develops due to meteorite damage. While Raheem was making a spacewalk to check on it, an explosion severely damaged the shuttle and knocked Uhura's parents unconscious. Raheem, still outside, contacts Uhura and tells her to drag her parents into the escape pod at the rear of the shuttle. He talks Uhura through opening the pod's hatch manually and encouraged her when she thought her parents were too heavy to pull into the pod.

As the pod moves away, the shuttle explodes. Uhura calls out to her uncle, who is falling toward the planet. He tells her that the first explosion blew him away from the shuttle, and that there was no chance to save him. As he falls into the planet's atmosphere, Raheem tells Uhura how proud he is of her. (TOS - Star Trek comic: "Issue 18")

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