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Rai Sahen was a female Romulan who worked for Romulan Republic Intelligence in the early 25th century. (STO episode: "The Delta Quadrant")

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Rai Sahen had some history with Commander Tiaru Jarok of the RRW Lleiset. (STO - Know Your Enemies mission: "Gone Dark")

In 2410 Rai Sahen held the rank of subcommander and was assigned to the Delta Quadrant under Commander Mena of Delta Quadrant Command, conducting a number of covert operations against the Vaadwaur Supremacy. During one such operation in the Legira system, she created a diversion to distract the Vaadwaur while another Alpha Quadrant Alliance starship stole information from several Vaadwaur communications satellites. (STO - With Friends Like These... mission: "Reconnaissance")

In another operation in the Nular system, Sahen commanded the RRW Hasta in a raid on several Vaadwaur starships in order to locate their main military base. She and another CO involved were assisted by the RRW Lleiset. (STO - Know Your Enemies mission: "Gone Dark")

Following the formation of the Delta Alliance Sahen hatched a plan to knit the coalition closer together by staging a Vaadwaur attack on a group of Benthan and Hazari ships in the Xiokel system. (STO - Better with Friends mission: "Operation Cooperation Conspiracy")

Following the beginning of Commander Eldex's uprising against Overseer Gaul, Sahen was contacted by a group of Vaadwaur dissidents in the Gerren system who sought political asylum from the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. She negotiated a deal wherein the Vaadwaur in question would trade some Vaadwaur technology for their safety, but forwarded it to an AQA flag officer for approval. (STO - Taking Care of Enemies mission: "Difficult Choices")


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