Raimus was a male Farian who was a high ranking member of the Orion Syndicate in the 2370s and 2380s. He was based on Farius Prime.

In 2373, Raimus met a member of Starfleet who was in charge of Risa's weather modification network. Raimus bribed the officer to make it stop working and the man began to work with Raimus, supplying him with the names of Starfleet Intelligence operatives who would attempt to infiltrate the Syndicate.

In 2374, Raimus worked with the Dominion representative Gelnon to destabilize the Khitomer Accords. Raimus had Liam Bilby and his group take possession of Klingon disruptors and assassinate the anti-Federation Klingon ambassador to Farius. The Syndicate and the Dominion hoped it would appear Chancellor Gowron had ordered the assassination and make the ambassador a martyr for the Klingons wishing to break from the alliance with the Federation and withdraw into their own borders. Raimus ordered Bilby to not reveal the Dominion's involvement if they were captured. Worried that Raimus would go after his family if Miles O'Brien's infiltration of his group was discovered, Bilby chose to continue with the mission. (DS9 episode: "Honor Among Thieves")

In 2387, Raimus was assassinated by Hassan the Undying, allowing Melani D'ian to take over Raimus' Syndicate position and holdings. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

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