Raisa Shostakova was a Human female from the Federation Member State of Pangea who served as Federation Secretary of Defense under President Nanietta Bacco of Cestus in the late 24th century. Shostakova had previously coordinated the planetary defenses of Pangea, saving that world from a fate similar to Benzar or Betazed's. Secretary Shostakova was often at odds with Federation Security Advisor Jas Abrik of Trill, who favored a very hardline, nationalistic approach to defense and foreign policy. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

During the invasion of the Borg Collective in 2381, Shostakova informed Bacco that the Federation News Service was whipping up a panic with images of the Borg attack on Barolia; Bacco insisted it was the Borg themselves causing the panic. She also reported an antimatter shortage for the Third Fleet, and requested an update from Admiral Leonard James Akaar on Starfleet's emergency evacuation plan for the core worlds. Akaar informed her that there was no such plan and should the Borg get through the defenses at Regulus, the core worlds would soon fall. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

When the Borg Invasion of 2381 reached a critical stage, President Bacco called an emergency summit on Earth hoping to convince the various ambassadors to pledge support to an allied fleet to defend against the invading Borg Collective, a move Shostakova fully supported, although she pointed out that they likely needed four of the nine ambassadors to agree to it for the reinforcements to have any chance. Shostakova was part of a meeting at Starfleet Command Headquarters to discussion potential strategy against the Borg, although she rejected Seven of Nine's ideas to retreat through a subspace tunnel out of the Milky Way Galaxy or to create a thalaron weapon. Although the President was able to rally an allied fleet, it was overrun by an armada of over seven thousand Borg cubes; Shosatkova delivered news of the destruction of the fleet and attacks on Beta Thoridor, Adelphous IV and Devnar IV. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

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