Rakan Urkar was a Cardassian gil in the late 2360s who had been assigned to the Olanda Labor Camp on the planet Jevalan. He later became a member of the Cardassian extremist group the True Way.

In 2369, Urkar took the lead in the interrogation of Ishan Anjar and Baras Rodirya, but later let Rodirya go after discovering he was a Cardassian sympathizer and informat. Urkar did not however, spare Anjar, who he had executed and placed in front of a large crowd of Bajorans to serve as a warning.

Years later in 2385, Urkar was part of the True Way terror cell that assassinated Federation President Nanietta Bacco. Chief of Staff Galif jav Velk contacted him on behalf of Ishan Anjar, who was really Rodirya. Velk was ordered to provided Urkar and the True Way with the information required to assassinate Bacco. Velk later revealed Urkar's involvement to Fleet Admiral Leonard James Akaar, who passed on the information to Elim Garak. Garak presented Urkar before the Federation Council, prompting Rodirya to be arrested on the floor of the Federation Council Chamber. (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)

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