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Ramirez was a Human male who served in Starfleet in the 24th century.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the early 2370s, Captain Ramirez took several members of Red Squad on a tour of duty around the Federation abord the USS Valiant.

Late in the year 2373, Starfleet sent orders to Ramirez to gain information on a new Dominion battleship, that was believed to be near the Valiant's position.

The Valiant was in the Kepla sector when the Dominion War began. Consequently, Ramirez ordered the Valiant back to Federation space. On their way home, the Valiant encountered a Cardassian battle cruiser near El-Gatark. The two ships began to attack each other and both ships lost main power. Ramirez himself was injured with a punctured lung, but managed to get the Valiant's systems back online and the Cardassian ship was destroyed.

Just before he died, Ramirez gave Cadet Tim Watters a battlefield commission and ordered him to take command of the Valiant. (DS9 episode: "Valiant")

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