Randall was a 23rd century Human man. He served in Starfleet as commanding officer of the Federation starship USS Yorktown.


In 2270, Randall commanded the Yorktown during a voyage to rendezvous with the USS Enterprise for a transfer of command ceremony with Number One (i.e., Commodore Robbins, Christopher Pike's former first officer). En route, the Yorktown encountered a Colonizer ship which dematerialized the crew. The Enterprise found the Yorktown stopped in space. Montgomery Scott and Leonard McCoy played back Randall's last log entry, and eventually were able to restore ship's personnel.

Randall was surprised to discover that more than 26 hours had passed. He debriefed with Number One, Spock, and James T. Kirk in the ship's briefing room.

Later, all Yorktown personnel assembled in the shuttle bay for the command ceremony. He handed Number One a black case containing a Yorktown assignment patch. (TOS - New Visions comic: "A Scent of Ghosts")

Log entriesEdit

Captain's log, stardate 6158.3 
On schedule for rendezvous with USS Enterprise. Science officer T'Ark has reported an unusual contact. We are altering course to investigate. While Mr. T'Ark's check runs, I have elected to more closely examine the alien ship.



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