Lieutenant Randolph Giudice was a male Human Starfleet security officer serving in the 24th century.

By 2379, Giudice was assigned to the USS Enterprise-E, and was aboard during their mission to Tezwa. He was left in charge of the security command center in the basement of the Ilanatava on Tezwa when Security Chief Christine Vale mobilized every available crewman to take the Tezwan Assembly into protective custody and fight back an assault from deposed Prime Minister Kinchawn's insurgency forces. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

By 2381, he had risen to a position as a security squad leader. During the Borg Invasion of 2381, the USS Aventine and the Enterprise traveled through a subspace tunnel from the Azure Nebula, hoping to find the staging area of the Borg, but ended up near the Carina Arm near the border of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants. A fleet of Hirogen vessels attacked and boarded the two vessels, and Giudice had to defend the vessel, along with security officers Peter Davila, Neshaal th'Chun, Harley de Lange, Manfred Vogel, and Bryan Regnis, all armed with TR-116 rifles. Three of the squad died in the initial engagements, but Giudice saved the ship by throwing an energy dampener out a hull breach, allowing the emergency forcefield to engage. Giudice had been wounded by the Alpha Hirogen's bladed weaponry, but survived to receive medical aid. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

Giudice and fellow Enterprise security officers Kirsten Cruzen, Peter Davila, Bryan Regnis, T'Sona, and Jarata Beyn were amongst the forces temporarily transferred to the Aventine when the vessel plotted to attack and capture a Borg scout, hoping to secure its vinculum. T'Sona and Jarata implanted self-sealing anchor bolts so that the other four could grapple across the gap to the central core; Giudice had problems staying patient, and winced at the sharp sounds. As they crossed the chasm, Giudice felt his unhealed wounds, and noticed a look of pain on Davila's face as well, but found that Regnis showed no discomfort. When they landed on the other side, the previously available openings had been closed with bulkheads, and Randolph ordered Cruzen to detonate an explosive to gain entrance. The explosion also gained the attention of the Borg drones protecting the inner core, and the four fired rounds from their TR-116 until they clicked empty, six drones shy. Giudice denied Kirsten's request to use grenades as it might damage the vinculum, instead painting the advancing attackers with green splatters of gel flare, allowing friendly sharpshooters to finish the assault. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

Giudice was part of the Enterprise security away team responding to weapons fire at the iy'Dewra'ni refugee camp in 2381. (TNG novel: Losing the Peace)

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