Randy Green was a human male who served in the Federation Starfleet in the 24th century.

In 2361, Randy served aboard the USS Hood. He was part of the away team under William T. Riker to evacuate the Marrayat monastery on Altair III during the civil war.

On their arrival the monastery was already under bombardment. The monks asked for the away team to preserve the five Holy Books of the Saranx which were encoded into special bubbles.

It was also around this time his friend Brian had a crush on Ensign Laura Tyrdall. She, however, chased Randy into a relationship.

In 2370, Randy served as Commander aboard the USS Tripoli. He returned to Altair III, along with his former USS Hood colleagues to return the books to the Marrayat monastery.

During the night Randy discovered Flad Orzon had a phaser with him, despite Altairian regulations. Orzon killed him to keep it a secret. Orzon’s plan was to kill them all and take the bubble books to sell for profit.

Randy had dark skin and a beard and moustache. (TNG comics: "Friends and Other Strangers", "The Bajoran and the Beast", "Dreams Die", "The Last Verse")

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