Ranz Vecta was a male Bajoran who served as the Bajoran Minister of Defense. Ranz had previously been a member of the Bajoran Resistance against the Cardassians and an officer in the Bajoran Militia.

In 2383, Ranz was new to the position of Bajoran defense minister, having been nominated by Asarem Wadeen. Following the destruction of Deep Space 9, Ranz joined Asarem and Kifal Illior in showing Ro Laren around the Wyntara Mas Control Center and demonstrated how it could temporarily be Starfleet's base of operations. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Raise the Dawn)

In 2385, Ro Laren told Cenn Desca to contact Minister Ranz to inform him of the unfolding situation on Endalla. (DS9 novel: Sacraments of Fire)

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