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"Rapture" was the 108th episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the 10th episode of the show's fifth season, first aired during the week of 30 December 1996. The episode was written by Hans Beimler and L.J. Strom and directed by Jonathan West.


Captain Benjamin Sisko.

Benjamin Sisko experiences visions that let him see the future, as Bajor's admission into the Federation is about to go ahead.

While Admiral Charlie Whatley visits Bajor for the Federation admission ceremonies of that world, Benjamin Sisko begins to have flashes of insight to the lost city of B'hala. The discovery of B'hala is a portentous event described in the prophecy of the Bajoran religion, as it will signal a specific series of dramatic results as an interaction with the Prophets and their Celestial Temple.

Sisko's intense visions warn him of danger as Bajor stands ready to join the Federation. The superstitious Bajorans listen to Sisko, who they have named their Emissary to the Prophets, causing Admiral Whatley to grow concerned about the power that Sisko holds. Julian Bashir warns that the visions could be destroying Siskos's brain, and recommends a procedure to stop the contact with the wormhole aliens. With Sisko losing his grip on reality, Jake Sisko gives consent for his father's surgery.

Sisko's final remembrance of this mental contact warns of an oncoming swarm of enemies which would destroy Bajor if it were a Federation member, and Bajor accordingly withdraws from the potential membership.



Julian Bashir (changeling)ColtiJadzia DaxJones (Lieutenant)Kira NerysMeraMornMiles O'BrienOdoQuarkBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoVetaCharlie WhatleyWinn AdamiWorfKasidy YatesYevir LinjarinDeep Space 9 personnel (Deep Space 9 residents) • unnamed Starfleet personnel (Starfleet personnel) • unnamed Bajorans (Bajorans)
Referenced only
RifkinRomJoseph SiskoKevin WhatleyZocal


BajorB'halaDeep Space 9PromenadeQuark'sstation commander's officewardroom
Referenced only
Bajor-B'hava'elBajoran State MuseumCardassiaIlviaStarfleet Headquarters

Starships and vehicles

USS Defiant (Defiant-class escort, in opening credits) • USS Leeds (Nebula-class explorer, in opening credits) • USS Rio Grande (Danube-class runabout) • Janitza-class (assault ship)
Referenced only
Rifkin's starship

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Bajoran MilitiaBajoran Provisional GovernmentStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Bajoran ResistanceChamber of MinistersDominionFederation CouncilMaquisStarfleet Command

Other references

admiralAlvanian beeAlvanian beehivearchaeologyBajoran historyBajoran prophecyBajoran religionBajoran wormholebantaca (bantaca spirebasal gangliabateretbateretbicyclecaptaincentral nervous systemchampagnecom signalCity of B'halaDominion WarDominion cold wardizzinessEmissary of the ProphetsFederation flagheadacheholosuiteicon paintingisolinear rodjambalayakaikatterpodkeelhaulinglatinumlingtalocustmagistratemortarnaval traditionnegligenceneural sheathneuropolaric inductionobeliskOccupation of Bajororborb experienceOrb of Prophecy and ChangePADDpagh'tem'farPeldor Festivalphaserphysicalpleasure mazepost-neural shock syndromeprison camproot beersensor arraySisko image file 376star systemStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2373-2386)swarmtoasttransportertricordervedekZocal's Third Prophecy


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Yevir Linjarin.

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Notable cast and crew

Jadzia Dax.




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