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==[[Geordi La Forge]]==
==[[Geordi La Forge]]==
* [[Kastren]] - his 'moon-sister' (TNG comic [[The Broken Moon]]).
* [[Kastren]] - his 'moon-sister' ({{c|TNG|The Broken Moon}})
* [[Nadifa La Forge]] - his niece, the daughter of [[Ariana La Forge]] ({{n|TNG|Losing the Peace}})
* [[Nadifa La Forge]] - his niece, the daughter of [[Ariana La Forge]] ({{n|TNG|Losing the Peace}})

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A page dedicated to (a) Those minor and throwaway relatives we never, or rarely, hear from ever again and (b) relatives who are semi-well known by the average non-canon-preferring Trekker, but not by the average canon-only preferring Trekker.

Star Trek: Enterprise

Jonathan Archer

NOTE(1) that Jack Archer being Jonathan's relative is more suggestion than fact.


Robert April's crew

Bernice Hart

Star Trek: Early Voyages

Christopher Pike

Phillip Boyce

José Tyler

Gabrielle Carlotti

Sita Mohindas

Star Trek: The Original Series

James T. Kirk

NOTE(1) that Kirk's sister only exists in the sources above, and is absent from every reference to Kirk's family published before or after.

NOTE(2) Provenance of Shadows reverses the age order of Kirk's nephews previously established in The Last Roundup.

NOTE(3) that Enterprise: The First Adventure establishes both Kirk and Spock as having great-aunts called Matilda.


NOTE(1) that Killing Time later reverts to calling Spock's father by the name Sarek, contradicting earlier portions of that novel.

NOTE(2) that Sarek calls Matilda Spock's aunt, and not great-aunt.

Leonard McCoy

Montgomery Scott

Pavel Chekov

Hikaru Sulu

Nyota Uhura

Janice Rand

Gary Mitchell

Mark Piper

Shiboline M'Ress

John Harriman

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Jean-Luc Picard

Edward Jellico

Morgan Bateson

William T. Riker


Geordi La Forge


Beverly Crusher

Katherine Pulaski

Ro Laren

Sean Hawk

Reginald Barclay III




NOTE(1) that the end of the novel implies, but does not confirm, that Trelane is Q's son. Q himself openly states he's Trelane godfather, though.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Julian Bashir

Dax and its hosts

Miles O'Brien


Benjamin Sisko

Star Trek: Voyager

Kathryn Janeway



Tom Paris

Janeway and Paris

B'Elanna Torres

Harry Kim


Veronica Stadi

Star Trek: New Frontier

Mackenzie Calhoun



Robin Lefler

Mark McHenry

Si Cwan



More forthcoming

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