Rasanis th'Priil was a Andorian thaan. He was a friend and key adviser of the Andorian politican and later President of the United Federation of Planets Kellessar zh'Tarash.

Following Andoria's return to the Federation, the arrest and removal of Baras Rodirya, and election of zh'Tarash to the Presidency th'Priil decided to forego retirement and became President zh'Tarash's chief of staff. On November 1, 2385 he and the other members of the President's staff gathered in zh'Tarash's office as she said their job would be to continue the legacy of the late President Nanietta Bacco. (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)

Preceded by:
Galif jav Velk
Presidential Chief of Staff
October 2385–????
Succeeded by:
Presidential Chiefs of Staff
SealoftheFedPresident Vilashrel th'RithsiriaPenda UbuntuUnnamed DenobulanEmra SilKoll AzernalEsperanza PiñieroAshanté PhiriGalif jav Velk Rasanis th'Priil SealoftheFedPresident
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