The Rashanar Battle Site was an area of space in the Rashanar Sector where Federation Alliance and Dominion forces fought each other at the Battle of Rashanar in late 2375. Following the battle, the battle site was strewn with hundreds of derelict starships, that became held in place by the artificial gravity generators on each ship creating a gravity field at the center of the site. An antimatter asteroid also roamed the battle site, created from waste antimatter from all the starships.

Following the war, the site became a scavenger's paradise, with Ferengi, Orions and Androssi picking over the wreckages. When the USS Juno was assigned to the region in 2377 to collect bodies, its crew soon named the site the "boneyard", and claimed that the area was haunted. Their claims were proved correct as the area was haunted by a "demon flyer," a shape-shifting ship from another dimension that preyed on starships. The creature was destroyed by the USS Enterprise-E in 2378, and clearing of the site commenced. (TNG novels: A Time to Be Born, A Time to Die)

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