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===External link===
===External link===
[[Category:Starfleet personnel (25th century)]]
[[category:starfleet personnel]]
[[Category:Starfleet medical personnel]]
[[category:starfleet personnel (25th century)]]
[[Category:Starfleet nurses]]
[[category:starfleet medical personnel]]
[[Category:Starfleet lieutenants]]
[[category:starfleet nurses]]
[[category:starfleet lieutenants]]
[[category:earth Spacedock personnel]]

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Rassa was a female Saurian active as a Federation Starfleet nursing officer in the early 25th century.

In 2409 Rassa held the rank of lieutenant and was assigned to sickbay on Earth Spacedock. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

Rassa cannot normally be interacted with, though she can be used as an NPC contact in user-created Foundry missions.



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