Ravi Chandra was a Human male Earth Starfleet officer in the mid-22nd century.


Early LifeEdit

Ravi Chandra was born in India, on Earth. His father, Kamal Chandra, was a senior vice-president of Patna Air and Space, a major power in extra-planetary shuttle service on the Indian subcontinent. Kamal told Ravi when he was young that, "You will be the first from our family to travel the heavens."


Chandra joined Starfleet in 2148, and was assigned to the Enterprise (NX-01) as an exoanthropologist in 2152.

On September 10, 2153, during the mission to find the Xindi in the Delphic Expanse, Chandra accompanied Captain Jonathan Archer, Lieutenant Donna O'Neill and a MACO team, led by Major Joss Hayes to the planet Kaletoo while following a lead on the Xindi.

Archer entrusted Chandra with translation duties when they met Grakka, the spaceport's owner. Grekka directed them to a smuggler named La'an Trahve, who had dealings with the Xindi. The away team traked down and captured Trahve at his ship the Helkez Torvo.

After this Archer split the team in two, sending O'Neill, Chandra, and Corporal Meredith Peruzzi back to the shuttlepod. Ensign Chandra was killed in an ambush at the spaceport by downtrodden locals who either hoped to steal Shuttlepod 2 or was hired to kill the Humans. (ENT novel: Last Full Measure)



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