Domine Ravia was a Nasgul female who lived in the 23rd century.

History[edit | edit source]

After the death of her father, her monstrous brother Vlagro cheated Ravia out of her rightful share her family's power and wealth despite being the first born. So she decided to leave Nasgul to make her own way. Before leaving, Raiva was able to take the Jaheelah with her. She then started her own agricultural colony on Skellen III calling it The Circle with herself as Domine.

In 2287, Ravia and her Circle followers committed acts of theft, sabotage and terrorism against the Skellen III's mining colony. Ravia and her followers were being supported by Klingon renegades that included a smuggler named Grax and a Klingon agent named Kerzuk who supplied her group with weapons and eliminated certain individuals. When the USS Enterprise-A arrived to investigate manager Jebitok call for a investigation into the attacks on the mining colony. She was then contacted by the Enterprise-A's captain, James T. Kirk. She assured Kirk that she and her group were not the ones attacking the miners, that it was just due to herself and her people being Nasgul.

Following her meeting, Ravia and Grax were informed by her servant Znayk that the Jaheelah had been stolen by Vashi, and that he had dispatched her agents to find him and the Jaheelah. She and Grax then went to the Skellen III's docking facility to discuss about the supply shipments. However, they were being watched by two humans, Socrates and Shilo. Following that meeting, Ravia and Znayk then brutally interrogated Vashi about his theft of the Jaheelah before killing him.

Ravia then captured Harry Mudd when wanted to meet with her to discuss about returning the Jaheelah to her. Despite Mudd's offer, Ravia decided to torture him to make him give her the Jaheelah. Following Mudd's beam-up back to the Enterprise-A, and the arrival of Klingon Commodore Khezri, Ravia and her Circle were then forced return the stolen weapons given to her from Grax and to depart from Skellen III. (TOS - Revisitations comics: "Mission: Muddled", "The Sky Above...The Mudd Below", "Target: Mudd!")

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