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Raviki was a humanoid male, a prince from the planet Nukolee.


Prince Raviki was born c. 2249 in royalty to the Emperor Djan and his wife on Nukolee. His first teacher was Subomar, who taught him to tell time, read and swim and was almost like a second father to him. He loved his sister Lulo, who had a puppy named Bando.

In 2264, their mother and father were killed in an accident, and Raviki was sent off-world to Furanthy School, which he attended for the next three years. He won several medals in the sport of track-and-field and had a fondness for space ball.

In 2267, Raviki returned to Nukolee to be crowned emperor. Inexplicable attempts on Raviki’s life were immediately committed by the head of the Nukolee Customs Health Authority, Doctor Nazino, as well as Subomar and even Lulo. The regent, General Vlas, hoped Raviki would grant him martial law powers to take action against hundreds of similar bouts of temporary madness. But when Raviki delayed so that the madness could be investigated, Vlas, General Spuzz and Commander Hlad led an armed coup at the palace. Raviki hid from them with a landing party from the USS Enterprise, then broadcast an appeal to the public from a television studio. Vlas countered by cutting off the transmission and inciting a riot, with armed troops ready to assassinate the prince.

Raviki decided to confront the rioters in peace without weapons, and managed to calm them. Armed forces took aim, but then Montgomery Scott sprayed an antidote to the hysteria overhead from aboard the Galileo, a mania which had been triggered by gases expelled from Sanduy's Comet. With the public cured, Raviki rallied them to his side. Afterward, the Enterprise crew had newfound respect for the young prince. (TOS comic: "A World Gone Mad")


  • Why Raviki was to be crowned in 2267 was not specified. Raviki and his people seemed human. If their governmental system was like monarchies on Earth, he may have needed to reach adulthood to ascend the throne. If both were the case, then he had turned 18 and was born in 2249.
  • Starfleet assigned the USS Enterprise to transport Raviki to Nukolee because it felt a show of support for Raviki was needed to ensure that General Vlas stepped aside. When not under military control, Nukolee was democratically governed by an emperor through a parliamentary system.