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This article is about the Saurian character. You may be looking for Razka Karn.

Master Chief Petty Officer Razka (2231-2379) was a male Saurian Starfleet security officer who served for one month aboard the USS Enterprise-E.

Born in 2231, Razka enlisted in Starfleet around 2249, and spent over one hundred years in Starfleet as a non-commissioned officer, never once having committed insubordination. In that time, he had fought the Klingons in the 23rd century, the Tzenkethi and the Cardassians in the middle of the 24th century and faced both the Borg and Jem'Hadar in combat. In addition to his skills as a marksman and martial artist, he has medical training equivalent to a paramedic and a Master's degree in Physics.

In 2266, then-Senior Chief Petty Officer Razka served aboard the USS Sagittarius, an Archer-class scout vessel, as a field scout. At the time, the Sagittarius was assigned to Starbase 47 (aka "Vanguard"), in the Taurus Reach. (VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind)

In 2269, Senior Chief Razka was promoted to Lead Field Scout of the Sagittarius under Lieutenant Commander Sorak, as the scout with the most seniority (despite his fellow scouts Faro Dastin and Taryl being officers). (Seekers novel: Second Nature)

As of 2269, Senior Chief Razka had a mate on Sauria and four sprogs, with a fifth hatchling incubating. (Seekers novel: Long Shot)

In 2379, Master Chief Razka was part of the Alpha team under the command of Commander William T. Riker which was sent to Tezwa's Mokana Basin to destroy the nadion-pulse cannon firebase located there. He had irises which gave him thermal vision which he was able to move over his eyes by blinking and he was able to travel faster through dense forest barefoot than with boots. He was killed by Tezwan soldiers, while attempting to defend the unconscious Commander Riker. (TNG - A Time to... novel: A Time to Kill)


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