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An Intrepid-class Captain's Ready room

The ready room is a space provided for the commanding officer of a starship. The ready room is either adjacent to or near the ship's bridge, and provides a private space near the bridge for the Captain of a ship in addition to his or her regular quarters.

Most ready rooms consist of a desk, seating for guests, a replicator and decorations representing the Captain's interests.

On Galaxy-class starships the Captain's ready room featured a sofa that could be converted into a bed for the commanding officer to use should they feel the need to sleep near the bridge. In addition to the ready room adjacent to the main bridge, a smaller Captain's ready room was placed adjacent to the battle bridge, giving the Captain an office space to use when the saucer and battle sections were separated. (TNG episode: "Encounter at Farpoint")

Many Starfleet vessels have ready rooms, though some classes (such as the Constitution-class) do not. (ST comic: "An Infinite Jest")

Notable ready rooms[]

Captain Data's[]

Captain Data's ready room aboard the USS Enterprise-E featured decorations that included a model of a Galaxy-class starship and Data's own large painting of Spot, his beloved pet cat. (ST - Countdown comic: "Countdown, Number Two")

Jake Sisko was brought to the Enterprise's ready room for an interview with Captain Data in 2390. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

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