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The mystery of the Taurus Reach is about to be revealed.
Ancient secrets lie on the fourth planet of the Jinoteur system, and three great rivals are fighting to control it. The Federation and the Klingon Empire want to wield its power; the Tholian Assembly wants to bury it.
But the threat stirring on that distant world is more dangerous than they realize. The Shedai, who ruled the Taurus Reach aeons ago, have risen from their ages of deathlike slumber -- to gather, marshal their strength, and take their revenge.
To keep Jinoteur from falling into enemy hands, the crews of Starbase Vanguard and the U.S.S. Sagittarius must risk everything: friends...loved ones...their own lives. But the sacrifices they make may prove too terrible for them to bear.


Reap the Whirlwind takes place in 2266, six weeks after the conclusion of Summon the Thunder.

The Shedai Wanderer returns to the Shedai first world- the fourth planet of the Jinoteur system- after being defeated on Erilon and begins reaching through the Conduits to awaken more Shedai. Among them are the Maker, the Herald, the Avenger, the Sage, the Adjudicator, the Warden, and the Apostate who resists her calls. To reach them, she takes over the minds of a Tholian (or Kollotaan as the Shedai call them) ship, killing those who resist. The Tholians are captured and tied into the Shedai communication network to expand its abilities which is a tortuous experience for the enslaved Tholians. Later it is revealed that the Tholians were engineered from an inferior species to function as telepathic communication nodes by the Shedai.

On Vanguard, Commodore Diego Reyes dispatches the USS Sagittarius with Ming Xiong aboard to Jinoteur, source of a carrier-wave signal that controls the Shedai technology . A Klingon fleet was recently destroyed at Jinoteur and a derelict Tholian ship orbits Jinoteur's fourth planet. Reyes ex-wife, Jeanne Vinueza, also comes aboard on her way to Gamma Tauri IV, a planet in the Taurus Reach where she is to be president of the New Boulder colony. Their marriage collapsed because Vinueza couldn't handle Reyes putting Starfleet secrets ahead of their relationship. The USS Lovell with its S.C.E. crew is currently at Gamma Tauri IV helping to establish the colony as cover for their true mission digging up more Shedai artifacts.

Vinueza tells Reyes and the JAG office that her colony formerly rejects Federation protectorate status in hopes Klingons in the sector will leave the colony alone if they have no political alliance. Though warned that Starfleet will not defend the colony militarily if the action is taken, Vinueza refuses to back down and leaves Vanguard station with Reyes worried for the safety of his former wife who he still has feelings for.

T'Prynn's behavior and health becomes erratic as Sten's katra steps up attacks against her psyche. Spy Anna Sandesjo's reliability is called into question by her Klingon controllers as her reports become less frequent and lack critical information. She is thrown into emotional turmoil balancing her Klingon honor and feelings for T'Prynn. Though in love with Sandesjo, T'Prynn deliberately feeds her false information about events in the Jinoteur system to protect the Sagittarius. When the Klingons discover the lie, they know Sandesjo's cover has been blown and seek to kill her.

When the Sagittarius arrives at Jinoteur, it is shot down by Shedai defenses and crashes in a river. Though intact, all antimatter is lost in the attack so the crew is stranded and must avoid being hunted down by the Shedai until fuel can be delivered. The Shedai find out the Apostate prevented the complete destruction of the Sagittarius and excommunicate him from their kind for his respect and defense of what they consider lesser life forms (or Telinaruul as they call them).

Quinn and Pennington are contracted to deliver fuel to the Sagittarius while Orion merchant Ganz is contracted to delay a Klingon battlecruiser from reaching the Jinoteur system before the fuel can be delivered. After Quinn and Pennington arrive at Jinoteur and deliver the fuel to the Sagittarius, they are asked to rescue some crewmen who have been separated from the ship while erecting a damping field to protect the vessel from the Shedai.

The Klingons land on Gamma Tauri IV to stake a claim and the USS Endeavour is dispatched to back-up the Lovell. Before the Endeavor arrives, the Klingons on the planet are destroyed by a horde of Shedai. Starfleet tries to evacuate the New Boulder colonists but are not permitted to make them aware of the Shedai threat and so the colonists refuse to move. Once the Shedai attack begins on New Boulder, Venueza calls Reyes to ask/blame him for what's happening. Her last words are "Damn you, Diego! Why didn't you tell us the truth? Why didn't you tell me?" Then the Shedai rip her apart as Reyes watches. Reyes invokes General Order 24 and has his ships orbitally bombard the planet with the Klingons joining in. The surface of the planet is reduced to ash and glass, killing all the Shedai pawns (called the Nameless) involved in the attack.

On Jinoteur, the Apostate takes a Sagittarius crewman named Theriault whom he rescued to the capitol city and central computer for the Shedai where he is soon attacked by his fellows. As the Apostate defends himself and protects Theriault, Pennington arrives to rescue her. The two find the central computer where the captured Tholians are being tortured to harness their telepathic powers for the Shedai Conduits. Theriault and Pennington ask the Apostate to free the Tholians despite them being enemies as they cannot bear to see any creature being enslaved and tortured. The Apostate returns the Tholians to their ship in orbit which collapses the Conduits. As the two humans escape, the Shedai attack the Apostate. He warns them that he has begun an irreversible process to remove the entire Jinoteur system from space-time and gives them a chance to flee before the Conduits collapse. The Shedai escape to worlds where their technology was planted millennia ago but when the Conduits collapse, they become stranded on those worlds.

Quinn's ship, the Rocinante, and the Sagittarius escape the planet and come under attack by the Klingon battlecruiser delayed by Ganz. The 2 small ships are quickly overwhelmed by the Klingon vessel. The Tholian ship enters the fray, fires upon the Klingons, and allows the 2 ships to escape due to an indebtedness to the two humans who gained release for their people. All 4 ships jump to warp before the Jinoteur system collapses and disappears.

When the Sagittarius and Rocinante return to Vanguard, Quinn and Pennington are hailed as heroes by Starfleet personnel. Meanwhile Sandesjo is being secretly secluded away in a cargo ship to take her into hiding. T'Prynn meets Quinn in the station's docking bay, making peace with him and freeing him of his debts to Starfleet and Ganz. As she is speaking, she sees the ship holding Sandesjo explode in the docking bay. Overcome by her emotional burdens, T'Prynn collapses to the deck as Quinn and Pennington helplessly watch. Overcome by his guilt and the blood he feels to be on his hands, Reyes asks Pennington to write the story of the destructions of Gamma Tauri IV and Jinoteur along with everything the reporter has uncovered about the Shedai then Reyes has the story leaked past security screeners.

Xiong meets with the new scientist assigned to study the meta-genome, Dr. Carol Marcus, about the recent discovery that the Jinoteur carrier-wave signal produced an energy waveform that controlled the meta genome and Shedai technology. The waveform had medical/biological applications but with the disappearance of Jinoteur, the waveform is gone and Shedai technology disabled.

Pennington is redeemed professionally as a journalist. Reyes is arrested by his girlfriend and JAG officer Rana Desai. Ganz has a strange piece of Shedai technology delivered to the Klingons. T'Prynn remains comatose while locked in ceaseless battle with Sten's katra and his continual cries of, "Submit!"



Vanguard personnel and residents

Jon CooperRana DesaiYael DohanJudy DunbarIsaiah FarberSuzie FinneranEzekiel FisherVarech jav GekToby GreenfieldJetanienJabilo M'BengaManónCarol MarcusMelanie MartinezAole MillerSherivan sh'NessTim PenningtonDiego ReyesGonzalo RoblesMatt RomanoAnna Sandesjo (Lurqal) • Roger ShearSteinbergT'PrynnKalen TarcohMing Xiong
Referenced only

USS Endeavour personnel

Hector EstradaAtish KhatamiStephen KlisiewiczMarielise McCormackNeelakantaKatherine StanoThorsen
Referenced only

USS Lovell personnel

Donovan AdamsMahmud al-KhaledJeffrey AndersonKurt DavisChristopher GabbertKattanNdufesh'NerothBrian O'HalloranDaniel OkagawaFolanir PzialSasha RodriguezBlaise SelbyT'LaenMolan lek Xav
Referenced only
GhrexMargaux LucianoParsonsCharles Rockey

USS Sagittarius personnel

Lisa BabitzKaren CahowCelerasayna zh'FirroMike "Mad Man" IlucciBridget "Bridy Mac" McLellanAdelard NassirNiwaraNguyen Tan BaoRazkaSorakClark TerrellVanessa TheriaultSalagho ThrexTorvin

Lant'z Tholis personnel


IKS Zin'za personnel


Omari-Ekon personnel

DanacDelmarkGanzLaëchemNeeraZett NilricTarris
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Tholian Ruling Conclave


Klingon High Council

Referenced only


Shedai AdjudicatorShedai ApostateShedai AvengerShedai HeraldShedai MakerShedai MyrmidonShedai SageShedai ThaumaturgeShedai WandererShedai Warden


BohicaCofellGerzhogHanigarKamronLugokMoganRik PanganibanQahlCervantes QuinnTuragJeanne Vinueza
Referenced only
BroonGeorge CusterOriana D'AmatoFek'lhrJames FisherJane FisherNeil FisherSeth FisherGrinpaGene HarrisKahlessJoshua KaneKeraKenji KhatamiParveen KhatamiMcCrearyMorqlaPhindaRekeRymerSesreneStenTerathPaul TillotsonArlys WarfieldZulo

Starships and vehicles

SS Centauri StarIKS Che'leth (D5-class) • USS Endeavour (Constitution-class) • escape podIKS HovQow'wI'IcarionKepler (shuttlecraft) • Klingon transportLanz't Tholis (Tholian battlecruiser) • USS Lovell (Daedalus-class) • USS Malacca (freighter) • USS Sagittarius (Archer-class) • SS Terra CourserIKS veS'HovworkpodIKS Zin'za (D7-class)
Referenced only
USS Archer (Archer-class) • USS ArjunaUSS ArtemisUSS Belleau WoodChR Bloodied Talon (Romulan bird-of-prey) • USS BombayUSS BowmanUSS Dauntless (Pyotr Velikiy-class) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • IKS Heghpu'ravUSS Helios (Drexler-class) • USS KyudoUSS LocksleyUSS Longbow)


Borzha IIGamma Tauri IV (Cardalian MountainsIlium RangeNew Boulder) • Jinoteur system (Jinoteur IV) • Qo'noS (First CityGreat HallqIj'bIQ) • Nejev III (Lamneth Spaceport) • Sector Tango-4119Taurus ReachTholiaVanguard (Café Romanothe hubManón'sOperations centerStars LandingTom Walker'sVanguard HospitalVault)
Referenced only
Al NathArinexCygnet XIVDavlos IIIDenevaEdenErilonForcasMars (Cydonia) • MeccaPacificaPalgrenaxRavanar IVShiKahrSomrawTyperias

Races and cultures

AndorianAurelianBorzhanCaitianChelonDeltanDenobulanElasianHuman (FilipinoScotVietnamese) • Klingon (QuchHa') • NaloriOrionRigelianRomulanSaurianShedai (Shedai Sentinel) • TellariteTholianTiburonianVulcanZibalian
Referenced only

States and organizations

Damage control teamKlingon EmpireJudge Advocate GeneralPolitical CastemootSerrataalShedai ColloquiumStarfleetStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet IntelligenceTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Federation CouncilFederation News ServiceStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet MedicalStarfleet Research and Development

Science and technology

adrenalineall-terrain vehicleanalgesicanaphylaxisantimatter podantigravasinolyathinasphyxiationbiobedbiopsy punchblowtorchblue starcarbon dioxidechronometercloaking devicecommunicatorconduitdampening fielddata managerdata slatedilithiumdisruptorduotronic cableduraniumenvironmental suitEPS conduitFeinbergerfiltration unitfrequencygranitegravimetric flux compensatorgravityheat exchangerhologramhovercrafthyposprayhypothermiaidiomatic codeimpulse reactorimaging scannerinertial dampenerironkragnitemagnetic fieldnickelload-liftermyo-electric servooxygenpainstikphaserplasma conduitplasma cutterpolymerpower cellrecordersensor arraysensor droneShedai carrier waveshieldsensor-gridsignal dampenersonic showerstructural integrity fieldsubspace echosubspace field generatorsubspace transceiver assemblysulfurtachyon distortion filterTaurus meta-genometractor beamtransparent aluminumtransportertransporter emittertricordervectored exhaust directorwarp coilwarp corewarp drivewarp eddywarp engineeringwarp nacellewarp shadowwaveformwinch cablewire cutter

Ranks and titles

administratoradmiralambassadorcadetcaptaincargo chiefchief engineerchief medical officerchief petty officercolonial administratorcommodorecomputer specialistcouncilorcrewmandockmasterengineerengineer's mateensignfield scoutgeneticistgeologistgovernorlieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant junior grademaster chief petty officermedical technicianmidshipmannursepetty officer first classpetty officer second classpresidentpropulsion specialistsenior chief petty officeryeoman

Other references

abattoirAge of Grim Awarenessahn-woonAltair waterArgelian fluBattle of Ravager IVbezoarbIngDubBlack and BluebleachbloodwineBloody Marybregit lungBrunello wineCamiglianoCarrington AwardChartreusecigarcode onecode twocoffeecorditecroissantDenebian slime devildistress calldiving boardDocking bayEggs BenedictespressoFarsiFederation Colonial Charterfruit juicegaghgobletha'DIbahhammockheart of targhockeyjazzJay'vajeghpuwI'katrakelviniumkemosabeKolinahrKoon-ut-kal-if-feeKtarian eggslasagnaLatticelingtlirpalugeMartian whiskeymenIqammonobladenatatoriumpianoPipius clawsPon FarrProtocol Say'qulQovpatlhraspberryRock and rollRokeg blood piesalsasarium krellideSaylokserpent wormsstasis modulestretchersugarsyruptaHqeqpu'targTaurus keythermal blanketthoughtwavetoDSaHpu'turkey sandwichval'rethThe VoiceVulcan molluskwarnogzilm'kach


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  • On the novel's inner title page, Jinoteur is listed among the locations of Pocket Books offices.
  • Beginning in Chapter 2, on page 27, readers are introduced to the characters of Ensign Brian O'Halloran and Ensign Jeff Anderson, engaging in a conversation reminiscent of the cult movie Clerks, including a complaint that "I'm not even supposed to be here today" (O'Halloran) and ditching work for a hockey game (Anderson). Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson are the actors who played, respectively, Dante Hicks and Randal Graves in Clerks and Clerks II.
  • Agents Verheiden and Cofell, as well as Captain Rymer, are references to the Battlestar Galactica staff members Mark Verheiden, Anne Cofell Saunders, and Michael Rymer.
  • The book features a Vanguard minipedia after the actual story.
  • An excerpt from this novel was published in Issue 132 of Star Trek Magazine.





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