Rebecca Emmanuelli was a female Human born in 2310.

Emmanuelli was a Starfleet officer and a physician. Over the course of her career, she had visited numerous locales, including Bajor, Berengaria, Ferenginar, Selmak, and Vulcan.

As of 2361, Emmanuelli was married to a man named Raphael, and had two sons, Daniel and Gustavo. That year, Tzenkethi forces attacked Starbase 55 where she was stationed, and took her prisoner. She was brought to Tzenketh, and was forced to care for Tzenkethi patients. During her imprisonment, she successfully treated fourteen Tzenkethi with cal-tai, a fatal spinal disease. Because of her skills as a doctor, the Tzenkethi declared her dead in order to keep from returning her to the Federation after the end of the war.

In 2365, the organization Liberation Watch found evidence that indicated Emmanuelli was still alive. Starfleet responded by sending the USS Saratoga to investigate, and the Tzenkethi turned her over. Upon her return, Emmanuelli learned her husband had remarried two years after she was declared dead, and found her sons unwilling to speak with her.

In late 2380, Zormonk, the young son of Tzelnira member Zaarok, was covertly sent to the Federation needing treatment for cal-tai. Emmanuelli refused to treat the boy until she received a direct, personal appeal from Federation President Nanietta Bacco. The boy died during the operation, despite Emmanuelli's best efforts. She was commended for her work, and immediately after accepting the commendation, resigned her commission. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

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