Sullivan with Eddington.

For the mirror universe counterpart, see Rebecca Sullivan (mirror).

Rebecca Sullivan was a female Human and a member of the Maquis in the 2370s.

Sullivan was a prominent member of the Maquis and had a medical and scientific background. (ST module: Energize)

In 2373, Sullivan married Michael Eddington, two weeks before he was captured by Captain Benjamin Sisko and the crew of the USS Defiant. Several weeks later, Sullivan sent a message to Eddington, telling him that the Maquis survivors of the Jem'Hadar purge had launched missiles against Cardassia. In reality, there were no missiles and the message was only intended to let Michael Eddington know that Sullivan and other Maquis survivors had reached a rendezvous at Athos IV. Captain Sisko brought Eddington to Athos IV, ostensibly to disarm the missiles, where Sisko learned the truth. Sisko and Eddington would later rescue Sullivan and the others from the Jem'Hadar, although Eddington was killed protecting them as they escaped. (DS9 episode: "Blaze of Glory")

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