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A Rebellion is a war in which the citizens, subjects of a government fight the government. A rebellion may be called a Revolt, a Revolution, Insurgency.

The usual reasons that a rebellion happens is that the government is oppressive to the people, the nation-state is occupied by a tyrannical government, and/or a foreign government.

  • Rebellions on Earth are
    • North America's Revolutionary War, which freed the US from British Dominion
    • The US Civil War - The Confederate states tried to revolt against the US government, but failed in our timeline. Commander William Riker had a ancestor who fought in this war.
    • Mexico's Revolutionary Wars (Mentioned by Data)
    • Russia's 1917 Communist revolution (In one timeline, this did NOT happen, since someone killed Lenin, and Nazi Germany won World War II. Timeline restored by Captain Archer)
    • Ireland "Troubles" (Mentioned by Data)

  • Rebellions on other planets are
    • Bajor - against Cardassian, later Dominion forces
    • Betazed - against Dominion occupation forces
    • Cardassian Revolutions, one of which placed a democracy in power, then a Gul Kentarr led a "Counter Revolution" which allowed him to take Cardassia, use its resources to build a massive fleet which he later used to destroy a Federation Reserve Fleet while the latter was counterattacking the Borg, create a technology to bring in Species 8472 ships. This rebellion was later suppressed by Chancellor Martok and the Klingon Battle Fleet. To end the rebellion, Chancellor Martok had to destroy all Cardassian holdings, bases, planets and even killed Gul Kentarr personally (TNG video game: Armada II)

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