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Rebels was a trilogy of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novels written by Dafydd ab Hugh and published in 1999. As of the 2010s, they marked Hugh's last contribution to Star Trek..


The novels take place during the fifth season (2373) and feature Kai Winn Adami taking control of Deep Space 9, which is later invaded by the Liberated, who were once prison guards of the Dominion. Kira Nerys is forced to work with the Kai to repel the invaders.

At the same time, Benjamin Sisko, Jadzia Dax, Julian Bashir, Worf and the crew of the USS Defiant, along with Odo and Quark are in the Gamma Quadrant [citation needed] where they encounter Cardassians and a new alien race called the Drek'la who have invaded a planet which is home to the Natives.

A third storyline running through all three novels is a plotline, set thirty years before, that gives insight into Winn's past during the Occupation of Bajor.


  1. The Conquered
  2. The Courageous
  3. The Liberated

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