Recreational Station Hidalgo was an vacation facility within the Federation, in operation in the 24th century. Hidalgo Station distinguished itself as an "old-fashioned" facility, employing food slots as opposed to food synthesizers, and presenting live entertainment rather than the use of holosuites.

Guadalupe Gomez and José Esteban, the parents of Sonya Gomez, met while vacationing at Hidalgo, and both urged their adult daughter to visit as well. Gomez did so in 2376, taking an extended shore leave there. While there, she struck up a close acquaintance with a fellow guest, Tobias Shelt.

Shortly before Gomez's visit, a fourth-generation memory unit was installed on the station. This allowed an advanced computer superworm, embedded in a tribblecom communication, to invade the station's systems. This program, after causing widespread system failures, then took control of the station, effectively taking those aboard hostage as a simulacrum of Gomez issued demands to Starfleet authorities. Once this problem was realized, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers aboard the USS da Vinci affected repairs to the station, and enjoyed brief shore leaves. (SCE eBook: Identity Crisis)

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