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"It appears this person is attempting to change the outcome of our current timeline."
Michael Burnham to Christopher Pike, 2257[src]

The Red Angel was a human time travel phenomenon that was connected to to several red bursts seen in the 2250s by both the Federation Starfleet and the Klingon Empire. (DSC episodes: "Point of Light", "An Obol for Charon", "If Memory Serves")


Project Daedalus[]

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The Red Angel was a temporal research project undertaken by Starfleet's black-ops division, Section 31 in the 2230s. Section 31 learned that the Klingons were looking into temporal research. When put into practice, the project's format was a suit that would allow the wearer to travel through time via the use of a time crystal and micro-wormholes. The suit would generate a graviton beam in order to keep the wormhole open and allow the wearer to return to their own time of origin. The suit was about to be tested by Section 31 operatives Dr. Gabrielle and Mike Burnham on Doctari Alpha in 2236. At that time, the Klingons launched a raid on Doctari Alpha, killed Mike Burnham and Gabrielle Burnham, and the suit was presumed to have been destroyed. (DSC episodes: "Perpetual Infinity", "The Vulcan Hello")

In truth, Gabrielle Burnham had used the suit in a attempt to go back to one hour before the Klingon attack. Instead, it sent Burnham 950 years into future. While in that future, Burnham saw no sign of life anywhere in the galaxy and antimatter residue resulting from numerous detonations. Burnham saw that Control was the cause of the destruction. Unable to return to her time due to being tethered in the future, Burnham then decided to prevent Control from acquiring the artificial intelligence from a Sphere. She was able to ensure that the USS Discovery found the sphere first (in 2257) to ensure the data's safety. (DSC episodes: "Saints of Imperfection", "The Red Angel")

Known Appearances[]


Chronologically, the first known temporal incursion by the Red Angel happened on Earth in 2053. During the Third World War, the Red Angel saved a group of soldiers and civilians at the East Fork Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Indiana. The Angel was able save the group from nuclear weapons by transporting the church to Terralysium. The group survived on the planet for the next two centuries and created a religion around the Red Angel. The USS Discovery under Captain Christopher Pike discovered the colony of New Eden. One of the colonists, Amesha, told them the story of the Red Angel. Pike was given a helmet by Jacob that showed footage of the Angel. (DSC episode: "New Eden")


Spock, as a child on Vulcan, claimed to have spoken with the Red Angel, who told him to find his foster sister Michael Burnham when she tried to run away. Spock's parents, Sarek and Amanda Grayson assumed that the Angel was just a figment of Spock's imagination until the 2250s when the Angel reappeared. (DSC episodes: "Point of Light", "Brother", "If Memory Serves", "Perpetual Infinity")

2nd Encounter with Spock[]

The Angel then appeared to Spock in 2250s when he was a science officer aboard the USS Enterprise. Spock had nightmares about the angel two months before the appearance of the red bursts; Spock mentioned them in his personal log and determined that they were the same ones he had as a child. Spock then asked for leave from Captain Christopher Pike. The angel guided Spock to a planet where he mind-melded with the angel, and showed him the future. Following this encounter Spock then had himself committed to Starbase 5's psychiatric unit. (DSC episodes: "Brother", "New Eden", "If Memory Serves")

USS Hiawatha[]

Following the appearance of several red bursts, the USS Discovery under Captain Christopher Pike arrived at a asteroid and found the USS Hiawatha. After rescuing Commander Jett Reno and her patients before the asteroid and the Hiawatha collided with a pulsar, Burnham saw the Red Angel.


Michael Burnham herself used the Red Angel suit in order to ensure that Discovery would arrive to save the Terralysium colony from imminent radiation. (DSC episodes: "New Eden", "Such Sweet Sorrow")


The Red Angel, with Michael Burnham in the suit, was seen at Kaminar. There, she was able to detonate a Electromagnetic pulse to prevent the Ba'ul from committing genocide on the Kelpiens. (DSC episodes: "The Sound of Thunder", "Such Sweet Sorrow")

Essof IV[]

During the continuing investigation, Discovery learned the truth and history of the Red Angel: that it was actually a time traveler using a suit designed by Section 31. The angel was captured by Discovery's crew and Section 31 and was revealed to be Dr. Gabrielle Burnham. After Dr. Burnham saved her daughter, the suit's time crystal was disabled by an EM pulse. Dr. Burnham was able to give her daughter the suit's log entries before Leland, being controlled by Control, destroyed the suit and Dr. Burnham herself returned to the future via the tether. (DSC episodes: "The Red Angel", "Perpetual Infinity", "Such Sweet Sorrow")


The angel triggered a red burst at Boreth. The Discovery, with permission from Chancellor L'Rell, arrived at Boreth where Captain Pike was given a time crystal by the monk, Tenavik. (DSC episodes: "Through the Valley of Shadows", "Such Sweet Sorrow")


Following the red burst at Boreth, a signal appeared at Xahea. There, Discovery made contact with Xahea's queen, Me Hani Ika Hali Ka Po, who knew of a way to power the time crystal. During that time, Control continued it's attempt to acquire the sphere data from Discovery. Captain Pike and Discovery's crew attempted to delete the data and destroy Discovery to no avail.

The crew decided to build their own version of the Red Angel suit. (DSC episode: "Such Sweet Sorrow")

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