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Spock and McCoy reunite to save a new generation!Red Sector is a TNG novel.


Like the biological weapons they employ, a sinister conspiracy has spread across the Alpha Quadrant and across many years of Starfleet history. Now the mysterious menace surfaces again—to strike at the heart of the Romulan Empire.
An artificial virus has infected the entire Romulan ruling family. Ambassador Spock must put aside his efforts at unification to summon his old friend, Dr. Leonard McCoy, who discovers that the only hope for a cure lies with a long lost Romulan heir whose blood and tissues have not been contaminated by the virus. But can the heir be found before the collapse of a ruling dynasty throws the entire Empire into chaos?



A Starfleet security team is in the middle of a complicated landing on the planet PojjanPiraKot under command of a nervous and inexperienced junior officer, Ensign Eric Stiles. His shuttlecraft and five fighter escorts are setting down in a plaza crowded with rioters.

The team scrambles to enter the Federation embassy building, where dignitaries are waiting to be escorted off of the planet, which has ordered all offworlders to be expelled. Ensign Stiles meets one of his personal heroes, Ambassador Spock. Stiles points out the Spock served with his grandfather, John Stiles, during the Battle of Icarus IV. The evacuation is problematic, as there are nearly twice as many Federation individuals than Stiles expected, and the rioters step up their activities, hurling garbage and incendiary devices at the Federation evacuees, but all make it safely aboard the shuttle, Oak 1.


After nearly four years of captivity, Eric and Zevon have developed a rapport, and have laboratory privileges.




AdamsAshikagaAudreyGreg BlakeJason BoltZack BoltBrad CarterNed CloryBeverly CrusherCulDataDe Gaeta (Chancellor)De Gaeta (Mrs.)EdwinBernt FolmerBill FosterMatt GirvanTino GriffithAnsue HashleyAndrea HippIavoKuyMarinaLeonard McCoyDan MooseMortonMoytulixOlenovaOrsovaTravis PerratonJean-Luc PicardPridemoreDouglas ProtheroWilliam T. RikerRomulan EmpressSattlerSpockEric StilesStinsonSykoraKaren TheonellaGerrid ThulJames TurnerUlvitJeremy WhiteWhiteheadAlan WoodWorfZelaskoZevonunnamed Pojjans
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BellinornBenjamin FranklinDorian GrayJames T. KirkAdolf HitlerLi QuanNinetta RashaydRekk Devra KilruneRomulan EmperorSamuelsBenjamin SpencerJosef StalinJohn StilesJake StilesStiles (Lieutenant)Stiles (Lieutenant Commander)Yum Nect

Starships and vehicles[]

Acornassault/interceptor platformBrazilCashewChestnutcombat support tenderUSS ConstitutionUSS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • USS GriffithFrogindustrial trawlerUSS LafayetteUSS LexingtonUSS MajesticOak 1 (G-rate transport coach) • PecanPojjan fighter planeUSS RangerUSS SaskatoonRIS Tdal (Romulan scoutship) • Tellarite grain shipUSS True NorthUSS Whisperwood


Alpha Zebra OutpostArcharia IIICarolusCrystal Ball NebulaCuffo LakeDeep Space 9EarthFloridaHollandLaateh MountainManhattan Museum of ArtMemory AlphaPojjanPiraKotPort CanaveralRigelRomulan Imperial PalaceRomulan Neutral ZoneRomulusStarbase 10Starbase 14TarkusTerok NorUsanor IV
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Races and cultures[]

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Bal QuonnotCentauranFerengiOrionSagittarianTellarite

States and organizations[]

Bureau of ShippingFederation Diplomatic CorpsImperial CourtKingdom of PalmsKlingon EmpireOak SquadRomulan Imperial Solar GuardRomulan Imperial Space FleetRomulan Star EmpireRoyal Civil AttachéStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet SecurityStarfleet Special ServicesUnited Federation of PlanetsZebra Tango Division

Science and classification[]

air maskantigrav chambercommunicatorcompression suitConstrictordestroyerdeuteriumdisruptorDNAduophasic shieldenergyenergy funnelgasolinegravitational compensatorgraviton pulsegraviton wavegrenadehypodermic needlehyposprayindustrial incendiaryintestinal scarringkelassiumkeroseneliverM-5micro-transpondermolotov cocktailmultiprion infectionNomadpetroleumphaserphaser riflephoton torpedoprionprotoviliumquantum warpreflector envelopeRichter scaleRNAscannerscrewdriversecondshovelspectrometerstarshipstomachsupplementtelephonetractor beamutility phaserVTOL thruster

Ranks and titles[]

ambassadorcenturionchancellorcommanderconsul generaldoctorensignlieutenantlieutenant commandermedicmidshipmanpharaohphysicianpilotProconsulprolocutrixprovostSentinelsubcommandervice warden

Other references[]

Articles of Confederationassault netBal Quonnot languagecabbagecardiganchemical fiber bondchesscockroachcounting housecowdaggerdaydunseldust collectorDutchdutroniumelephantembassyEnglishequipment lockerFederation Medal of ValorgargoyleGermanglovegranitehot chocolateIrishironjacketjelly fishknifelichenlionmonthmosquitomountainnutOrion YrevishPojjan languagepokerpoliticspostage stamppotatoquailquintotitantiumravenred sectorRenaissancerezzimultrhodiniumRomulan languageRomulan WarsScaffold mintssheepspandexSpanishsteelthermal jackettitaniumumbrellaVulcanoidVulcan languageweaponzebra


Spock saves Stiles's grandfather's life during the Battle of Icarus IV.
Ensign Stiles lost on PojjanPiraKot during a diplomatic evacuation. A gravitic constrictor strikes shortly after he is imprisoned.
Ensign Stiles and Zevon use a Pojjana laboratory to predict the constrictor. Stiles is freed shortly thereafter and promoted to lieutenant.
Spock, McCoy, the Enterprise crew and Stiles's Saskatoon crew help fight the latest stage of multiprion infection striking the Romulan royals.


Related media[]


  • The Double Helix series was a Next Generation storyline that featured each installment crossing over with another franchise series. "Red Sector" in particular crossed TNG with Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • The USS Lexington in this novel is mentioned to be Galaxy-class, but there were no ships of that type active during the time period that part of the story took place. The 24th century starship Lexington has been confirmed in numerous other sources as a Nebula-class vessel, although the two classes use similar components, possibly explaining one being referred to as the other.
  • The story's stardate is never specified, although the main section seems to be in 2369 -- at a point after Deep Space 9 became named as a Federation station in that year (DS9 episode: "Emissary"), and after Spock first met the crew in 2368 (TNG episode: "Unification"). One oddity is that, on page 135, Riker refers to an event occurring fifteen months earlier on Deep Space 9, which would have been called Terok Nor at the time (unless "Red Sector" took place in 2370). Spock also refers to stardate 41099 as being three years earlier, when stardates of those prefixes were about 5 years prior to 2369 (although stardates don't always conform to a recognizable convention), other characters refer to the novel "Vectors" occurring three years earlier.




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German : Roter Sektor, translated by Stephanie Pannen. (Cross Cult)

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