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A red giant is a type of star in which the internal supply of hydrogen has been exhausted, leaving the star swollen to a large size with its expanding, cooling mass, and glowing with a reddish light.

Examples and specifics

The yellow dwarf star Sol is expected to become a red giant star in approximately five billion years and expand to a diameter as wide as the orbit of Mars. (TOS novel: Dark Victory)

The Romulan name for the red giant Berengaria, D’caernu’mneani, translates as "great eye of red" in High Rihan. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)

The Pantera Nebula contained a class IV variable red giant with a short period that was a natural source of coherent microwave radiation. (TNG - Slings and Arrows eBook: A Sea of Troubles)

The lifecycle stage of a Lazarus star such as Beta Barritus includes a red giant phase, supernova, and rebirth as a new red giant. (STA novel: Gauntlet)

During an exploration mission in the 24th century, one starship crew detected a distress signal from within the corona of the red giant in the 443 Serpens system. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Planetary Adventures mission: "Red Giant")

In 2339, USS Stargazer visited a formerly inhabited system where the natives evacuated after trying unsuccessfully to prevent their star from becoming a red giant. (TLE novel: The Buried Age)

When Benjamin Sisko was an Ensign, he watched from a distance as a red giant star went nova. (DS9 - Day of Honor novel: Armageddon Sky)

In 2370, the Grif Balata was caught in the gravity well of a red giant 18 light years from New Vahar. (Star Trek Adventures RPG module: These are the Voyages: Mission Compendium Vol. 1 mission: "Forests of the Night")

The region nicknamed No Man's Land contained two red giants, a quantum singularity and four asteroid belts, all affected by gravity waves. USS Voyager approached the region in 2376. (VOY - Gateways novel: No Man's Land)

Binary systems

The settlement Diesan was located on a planet in a binary star system where seven planets orbit a blue dwarf and two orbit a red giant. (TNG novel: Here There Be Dragons)

In 2269, Spock fought illusory games against an Irapina on the planet Anomaly. One game was a theoretical manipulation of gravitational fields within the coronas of red giant stars in a binary star system. Spock's goal was to trigger a nova in one of the red giants, while an Irapina adjusted other forces of nature to prevent it. (TOS novel: Planet of Judgment)

In 2381, via a subspace tunnel USS Aventine and USS Enterprise-E visited a binary star system consisting of a red giant and a black hole. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

New red giants

Leonis A was transitioning from an orange star into a red giant during the 2160s. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: To Brave the Storm)

In the 24th century, Delta Pavonis was a yellow dwarf in the process of becoming a red giant. (Star Trek Adventures RPG module: Beta Quadrant Sourcebook)

In the 2360s, the Kaelon system's star was transitioning from a yellow star into a red giant. (TNG episode: "Half a Life")

Veruna in the Delta Quadrant was artificially aged and began its red giant stage in the 2370s. (VOY novel: The Murdered Sun)

Red giant remnants

The impact of a neutron star with a red giant 5 to 8 million years ago left a spinning cloud of highly ionized particles and residual antimatter in the 23rd century. Random Castle was forced out of warp when it entered the cloud in the 2260s. (TOS novel: The Great Starship Race)

The Nystrom Anomaly was formed from ejected matter when a red giant collapsed into a white dwarf. (TOS novel: The Shocks of Adversity)

Ejected matter left over from the supernova of the red giant Beta Niobe wrought havoc on nearby systems, including Verzhik. (TOS - Mere Anarchy eBook: The Darkness Drops Again)

Unusual uses

Ferengi formed a geodesic fold by firing a verteron beam into the magnetic field of a red giant in the Alpha Quadrant, which created a gateway to the magnetic field of a red giant in the Delta Quadrant. (VOY episode: "Inside Man")

Notable red giants



Stellar classification
By class and type class O blue-violet starclass B blue starclass A blue-white starclass F white star (white dwarf) • class G yellow star (yellow dwarfyellow giant) • class K orange star (orange giant) • class M red star (red dwarfred giant) • boson starbrown dwarfgreen starN-type starR-type starS-type starD-type star
By size or makeup black hole/black starcarbon stardwarf star (brown dwarfred dwarfwhite dwarfyellow dwarf) • giant star (blue giantred giantorange giantyellow giant) • Lazarus starmicrostarneutron star (collapsarmagnetarpulsar) • protostarsupergiant starvariable starwhite holeWolf-Rayet star


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