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A reference work is a collection of information compiled together (usually by some linked theme) so that it can easily be referenced. They are generally intended to be used to look up information rather than read cover to cover. Types of reference books include dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, etc.

Star Trek reference works tend to either approaching their subject as if it were fact within Star Trek fictional world, or from the real-world perspective looking at the production of the Star Trek franchise.

Reference books

In-universe information

Title author(s) published
Star Trek Blueprints Franz Joseph April 1975
Star Fleet Technical Manual Franz Joseph November 1975
Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual Geoffrey Mandel October 1977
Spaceflight Chronology Stanley Goldstein & Fred Goldstein December 1979
The Monsters of Star Trek Daniel Cohen January 1980
Star Trek Maps Illustrator: Jeffrey Maynard August 1980
Star Trek II Biographies William Rotsler January 1982
The Klingon Dictionary Marc Okrand December 1985
Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise Shane Johnson July 1987
The Worlds of the Federation Shane Johnson August 1989
Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual Rick Sternbach & Michael Okuda November 1991
Star Trek Chronology Michael Okuda & Denise Okuda April 1993
The Star Trek Encyclopedia Michael Okuda & Denise Okuda, with Debbie Mirek May 1994
The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition Ira Steven Behr July 1995
Federation Passport J.M. Dillard May 1996
The Klingon Way Marc Okrand April 1996
Star Trek: The Next Generation USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Blueprints Rick Sternbach July 1996
These Are the Voyages... - A Three-Dimensional Star Trek Album Charles Kurts November 1996
Federation Travel Guide Michael Jan Friedman July 1997
Legends of the Ferengi Ira Steven Behr & Robert Hewitt Wolfe August 1997
Klingon for the Galactic Traveler Marc Okrand September 1997
Q's Guide to the Continuum Michael Jan Friedman & Robert Greenberger September 1998
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual Herman Zimmerman, Rick Sternbach & Doug Drexler October 1998
The Tribble Handbook Terry J. Erdmann November 1998
The Klingon Hamlet Lawrence Schoen January 1999
Star Trek Cookbook Ethan Phillips & William J. Birnes February 2000
Star Trek: Celebrations Maureen McTigue August 2001
Star Trek: Starship Spotter Adam Lebowitz & Robert Bonchune October 2001
The Hologram's Handbook Robert Picardo May 2002
The Starfleet Survival Guide David Mack September 2002
Star Charts Geoffrey Mandel October 2002
Ships of the Line Editors: Doug Drexler & Margaret Clark November 2006
Captain Kirk's Guide to Women John Rodriguez February 2008
USS Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual Ben Robinson & Marcus Riley September 2010
Klingon Bird of Prey Owners' Workshop Manual Rick Sternbach & Ben Robinson November 2012
Federation: The First 150 Years David A. Goodman December 2012
A Very Klingon Khristmas Paul Ruditis & Patrick Faricy October 2013
Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library Larry Nemecek December 2013
The Klingon Art of War: Ancient Principles of Ruthless Honor Keith R.A. DeCandido May 2014
The Autobiography of James T. Kirk David Goodman September 2015
Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Vulcan Dayton Ward July 2016
Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Klingon Empire Dayton Ward July 2017
The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard David Goodman October 2017
Shipyards: Starfleet Ships 2294 - The Future Ben Robinson, Marcus Riley, Matt McAllister November 2018

Real-world information

Title author(s) published
The Making of Star Trek Stephen E. Whitfield, with Gene Roddenberry September 1968
The World of Star Trek David Gerrold April 1973
The Trouble with Tribbles David Gerrold April 1973
Inside Star Trek Gene Roddenberry 1976
The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture Susan Sackett & Gene Roddenberry March 1980
The Star Trek Compendium Allan Asherman March 1981
Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion Larry Nemecek November 1992
Make-Up FX Journal Michael Westmore and Joe Nazzaro November 1993
The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens December 1994
The Physics of Star Trek Lawrence M. Krauss November 1995
The Art of Star Trek Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens November 1995
Inside Star Trek: The Real Story Herbert F. Solow & Robert H. Justman June 1996
The Making of Star Trek: First Contact Lou Anders, with Larry Nemecek & Ian Spelling December 1996
Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens March 1997
Star Trek: The Original Series Sketchbook Herbert F. Solow & Yvonne Fern Solow May 1997
Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Continuing Mission Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens November 1997

Science Logs||André Bormanis||March 1998

Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketchbook: The Movies John Eaves & J.M. Dillard May 1998
Quotable Star Trek Jill Sherwin March 1999
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion Terry J. Erdmann & Paula M. Block August 2000
Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts Michael Westmore, Alan Sims, Bradley M. Look & William J. Birnes October 2000
Star Trek: Voyager Companion Paul Ruditis May 2003
Voyages of Imagination Jeff Ayers November 2006
Star Trek 101 Terry J. Erdmann & Paula M. Block September 2008
A Comics History Alan J. Porter September 2009
Star Trek: The Art of the Film Mark Cotta Vaz November 2009
The Art of Star Trek Online Cryptic Studios February 2010
Star Trek 365 Paula M. Block, with Terry J. Erdmann September 2010
Star Trek Vault: 40 Years From The Archives Scott Tipton October 2011
Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary   March 2013
New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics Edited by Joseph F. Berenato, Forward by David Gerrold 2014
Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier Paula M. Block, with Terry J. Erdmann October 2015
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Warped Mike McMahan October 2015
The Star Trek Book Paul Ruditis June 2016
50 Artists 50 Years Foreword by Nicholas Meyer September 2016
The Official Guide to The Animated Series Aaron Harvey, Rich Schepis September 2019

Other reference works


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Novelization Manga Omnibus RPG
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