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For the L.A. Graf short story from The Lives of Dax, see Reflections (DS9)


As James T. Kirk lies near death on Veridian III, he is revisited by the leaders of Organia, who show him the difference his decisions have made in history.

How events might have occurred:

Stardate 3135.1
After allowing Edith Keeler to die, Kirk resigns his commission in Starfleet. He returns to his parents' farm in Iowa and becomes heavily involved with Agro-Engineering. As a personal favor, Captain Robert Wesley takes command of the Enterprise.

Stardate 5031.8
Captain Wesley fakes his death and goes undercover as a Romulan. Wesley manages to steal a cloaking device, but is fatally shot as he is transported back.

Stardate 8128.7
After sacrificing himself to save the Enterprise, Spock transfers his katra to Doctor McCoy. But unlike the actual timeline, Spock's body is never retrieved from the Genesis Planet and it is lost when the planet destructs.

Stardate 8391.4
When the Cetacean Probe reached Earth, nothing could stop it and all life on Earth is wiped out. The Federation Council and Starfleet Command are relocated to Vulcan.

--Back to the Present--
Stardate 48649.7
Having shown him that his choices in life did matter, the Organians return Kirk to the present time and he dies with a smile of satisfaction.



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