Regenerative shielding was a variant of a regular shield, an advanced type of deflector shield technology which was utilized by several powers across the Milky Way galaxy, including the United Federation of Planets and the Numiri. The shielding is capable of regenerating after taking damage. This type of shield was tested when it was put on the prototype for the Sovereign-class, the USS Sovereign. It failed but a redesign made all the way to other ships like the USS Prometheus. (ST video game: Bridge Commander, VOY episodes: "Message in a Bottle", "Ex Post Facto")

In the early 2370s regenerative shielding was among the many battle systems that Starfleet incorporated into the Prometheus-class prototype, the USS Prometheus. (VOY episode: "Message in a Bottle")

Prior to 2374, the Borg Collective had assimilated a form of regenerative shielding technology from an insectoid race, the Tuktak. Unfortunately, the technology proved impractical aboard the larger Borg vessels, such as a cube, so it was abandoned on a shipwide scale. However, it was adapted to serve as personal protection for Borg drones instead. (VOY novel: Seven of Nine)

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